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We specialize in leadership, sustainability, and communication. Our services are based on research and extensive experience.


Whether your sustainability goals are related to strategy, communication, or reporting, we will help you reach them!

Crisis communication

We can assist you with emergency crisis communication, creating a crisis communication plan, or conducting exercises and training to enhance the organization’s crisis readiness and resilience.

Media training

Learn to manage nervousness, articulate effective messages, and present yourself in a credible and clear manner. We offer interview training, lectures on media management and assistance in overcoming stage fright.


Through motivating and engaging leadership, your company or organization can achieve better results and experience improved workflow.


Take the step from good to great! Through coaching, you can discover your full potential as a leader and as a communicator.

Sustainability communication

We can help you develop your sustainability communication. An open, honest and sincere communication will help you stay away from greenwashing, whitewashing, or pinkwashing.

Sustainability partnership

Let our experts assist your organization’s sustainability efforts. We can take on the role as your temporary sustainability manager to kickstart the your sustainability journey.

Employee development

How is your staff doing post-pandemic? Is everyone back in the office and on the factory floor, and how does it feel? We will help you find motivation and navigate challenging situations.

Project application support

There are many possibilities to secure external funding for sustainability initiatives and projects. We can assist you in writing applications, planning, and managing the project.

Circular business development

Circular business models can contribute to increased profitability for your company. We will help you find the environmentally friendly solutions.


Avoid stress and chaos by hiring a professional moderator for your event. We have experience working as moderators and emcees in Norway, Sweden, and Finland, both online and in person.

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