Leadership is a multifaceted mission. It involves creating order, structure, but also going out and meeting employees to create motivation and stimulation.

Whether you are a newly appointed manager or an experienced leader, you face new challenges daily. How should you, as a leader, act to motivate your staff and lead work in a world that constantly demands change?

With adult education as the foundation, Lars Losvik teaches how learning processes function in adults and how you, as a manager, can motivate in order to achieve successful results and a good workplace. By applying methods from educational leadership, we can create a better working environment where everyone strives for success together.

Popular leadership lectures

  • Leadership of the future
  • Educational leadership
  • Motivate and engage
  • Leading learning and change
  • Coaching leadership
  • Leader’s mental strength
  • New to leadership

Lars Losvik
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Additional services


Do you need a confidence boost before important presentations or help with public speaking? Let us help you through coaching.

Media training

Learn to manage nervousness, articulate effective messages, and present yourself in a credible and clear manner. We offer interview training, lectures on media management and assistance in overcoming stage fright.

Employee development

How is your staff doing post-pandemic? Is everyone back in the office and on the factory floor, and how does it feel? We will help you find motivation and navigate challenging situations.