Crisis communication

Sometimes the unforeseen occurs. We make mistakes that require swift and humble action. At times, we may face criticism, gossip, or slander without having done anything wrong. Regardless of the true nature of the crisis, we must address criticism in the mass media and on social platforms. Our primary task is to minimize damage to the company’s or organization’s brand and reputation.

Facing a media storm or harsh criticism on social media can be incredibly challenging. We can provide support, external perspectives, and quick, concrete advice in pressured situations.

Media training, understanding how the mass media operates during crises, and awareness of how angry individuals or panicked crowds might react can help you succeed in critical situations where failure is not an option.

By pre-planning the organization’s crisis communication, you gain more time and resources to manage the crisis itself. A well-thought-out crisis communication plan significantly facilitates crisis management.

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Lars Losvik och Elli Flén

Experience with challenging crises

Elli has worked extensively with authorities and organizations where crisis truly means crisis – a serious threat to people's lives and health, or even worse, situations where death and violence are already a reality. Leaders, managers, and communicators can make a difference between life and death through accurate communication in emergency situations.

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Learn to manage nervousness, articulate effective messages, and present yourself in a credible and clear manner. We offer interview training, lectures on media management and assistance in overcoming stage fright.


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