A well-planned event always has a clear communication goal. The event should convey and strengthen the organizer’s values and brand. While ensuring the participants are enjoying themselves, the event should also enhance understanding of a phenomenon, a product, or the organization hosting the event.

An engaged host, moderator, or debate leader manages the proceedings, ensuring the event runs smoothly and adheres to schedules. A good host introduces speakers in a welcoming manner, making it easier for the audience to grasp the message.

We offer moderator and host services in four languages: Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish, and English. If you prefer speaking Munsala dialect or Mo i Rana accent, a discounted price is immediately available.

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Elli Flén och Lars Losvik konferencierer på Future 2016 konferensen i Jakobstad
Elli Flén konferencier på Patrias 100-års jubileum 26.8.2021

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Do you need a confidence boost before important presentations or help with public speaking? Let us help you through coaching.

Media training

Learn to manage nervousness, articulate effective messages, and present yourself in a credible and clear manner. We offer interview training, lectures on media management and assistance in overcoming stage fright.


We will help you reach your full potential as a leader. Through motivating and engaging leadership, your company or organization can achieve better results and experience improved workflow.